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Chiro Club Program & Lifestyle Chiropractic Center Wellness Club

Our Chiro Club membership is designed to promote health and wellness through weekly chiropractic adjustments. The program is $109.00 per month and includes one adjustment per week. Additional adjustments in a week may be added for a fee of $19.00 per visit. Members will also receive discounts on supportive services.

Additional family members may be added for a reduced fee (see below).

Patients may join our wellness plan for a minimum of six months on an auto debit basis. A one time fee of $37 per family is paid to join PCD. Memberships of $109/month for 17 years and older, $59/month for children under 17 years of age. Fees include once a week wellness visits, 15% off x-rays, and a $19/visit fee for extra visits on any given week over the included visit.

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